October 29, 2019

NordWhale team has contributed to saving the planet

Young Entrepreneurs Program organized by NUCC


This fall, our Project Manager and NordWhale co-founder — Olha Kolomoiets took part in the Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce's Young Entrepreneurs program (NUCC).


It is already the fifth year Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports the Young Entrepreneurs Program.

Every year the organizers select 10 Ukrainian and 10 Norwegian entrepreneurs from more than 400 desirous.

This year our Olha was selected and now she is glad to share how it was:

I was so happy to become a part of this program and spend my time among experienced entrepreneurs from Ukraine and Norway. It was not easy to get to this team. I prepared my CV and the motivation letter where I described why should they choose exactly me. Then was the second stage - personal interview.

And after that, I was waiting for their decision. One day I’ve got a call from the organizers and I was so happy to know that they selected me. I know that the groups are forming very meticulously to get a balanced team.

So, my new experience was started in Norway at the beginning of September. We spent one week in Oslo and Trondheim and one week in Ukraine (Kyiv and Lviv). The program was very rich - lectures, workshops, work on business cases, meetings with interesting startups and market leaders.

The number of incredible people, useful information and insights were crazy. We had lectures at the best schools of both countries, learned about the cultures' difference and how it affects business. We studied the art of entrepreneurship and pitching, basic concepts of intellectual property, cybersecurity, and many more.

I was a part of an ICT group and our work was to come up with a digital solution to improve the environmental situation in Ukraine and Norway. Over the three months of preparation and teamwork, we have considered a lot of topical issues and decided to work with a difficult digital garbage theme.


In short, we studied the impact of the electronic devices we usually use. Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Players, Electronic books, etc. - yes, they improve our daily lives, but they are very damaging to our planet. Without proper processing, they poison the earth, air, and water. This is a huge problem for the modern world.

With the team, we have deeply explored the problem and we’ve got an idea of how it could be solved. Since then we've started developing the solution. The NUCC program finished, but we still working and hope soon our idea will be presented to the world.


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